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DarkRP Rules

Post by gusbus on Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:50 pm

- General Rules

* Don't attempt to exploit the server or act with malicious intent towards it.
* Don't randomly kill someone. (Known as RDM - Random Death Match)
* Don't harass or annoy other players. This includes being racist or purposefully trying to offend others.
* Don't spam. This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or any other methods of communication.
* Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
* Don't create offensive or inappropriate text signs.
* Don't use an inappropriate RP name.
* Leave the admins to do their jobs, if they're busy then be patient and wait for them to finish
* Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever.
* No CP helping. You must be a government class or a bodyguard hired by the Mayor to assist CP.
* Do not copy someone's name.
* Overall, use common sense and have fun.[

- Terms you may see
* OOC - Out Of Character
* IC - In Character
* RDM - Random Death Match
* NLR - New Life Rule
* FDA - Fading Door Abuse
* RDA - Random Arrest
* Meta - Metagaming
* CP - Police (Civil Protection)
* Mod - Moderator
* Admin - Administrator
* SA - Super Admin
* HA - Head Admin
* CM - Community Manager
* DCTAP - Disconnected To Avoid Punishment
* L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
* RP - Role-Play
* IRL - In Real Life

- Building Rules

* While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying.
* Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign.
* A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick.
* Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)
* Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.
* Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay)
* Do not create tiny cracks in your base that raiders cannot see.(Headshot and footshot traps)
* No disorienting advantages such as black rooms, fully invisible props, or world glow effects.
* Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general.
* Sky bases are not allowed.

- Raiding Rules

* You don't need to advert raid.
* You can raid every 5 minutes
* You have to wait 10 minutes to raid the same base you just raided.
* You can only raid with 1-3 people.
* You can only be in a raid for 5 minutes.
* Don't raid someone if you know there is nothing to gain from it. EG: raiding a public open places.
* You aren't allowed to KOS someone for pointing a gun at your base.
* Lock picking, keypad cracking and trespassing does make you KOS to the property owner.

- Basing Rules

* There should always be at least one entrance that is accessible and not blocked to your base.
* You can only have 3 fading doors with keypads per base, others must have a button.
* A keypad must always be visible (no hiding them behind stuff, or making the person to look in a certain angle to see them), the keypad must be seen easily and always near the fading door.
* Do not FDA (fading door abuse), it means holding the fading door opened for less then 4 seconds or using hotkeys, All fading doors must have at least 4 seconds delay before they close again!
* Do not build base defences in the PD, apart from safes for storing weapons.
* Between each fading door, there must be a space which can fit a minimum of 2 people.
* To own a building, you must posses the majority of the RP doors.
* No fake keypads.
* No bright colours or plain textures that are painful to the eyes.
* Do not make fake entrances or storage walls (no collided entrances, etc).
* Do not build on the street unless you are a hobo.
* You may not force anyone to crouch/jump in your base.
* Lock picking, keypad cracking and trespassing does make you KOS to the property owner. A KOS line is not needed at a default rp door but is needed for an entrance that doesn't use a door.
* No collide defences are not allowed.

- Job Rules

Law Enforcement (Police / Police Chief / SWAT / Secret Service)
- You may not spam the stun stick or use it for no reason.
- You may not be corrupt or do anything illegal.
- You may not own any property's, however you can decorate the PD.
- Don't Baton Rush (attempting to arrest a player that is shooting you and your life is in danger, if someone is shooting you proceed to weaponry, don't run at him while he's shooting and attempt to arrest, also 'YES' you are allowed to Spam the Baton to arrest a player).
- You are obligated to obey the mayor (however you still have to follow the server rules).
- You are allowed to use Morphine and Aspirin.
- Try to ONLY open fire on people if they resist arrest(and are a threat) and if they shoot you or civilians.
- You may randomly scan bases.
- There may only be one checkpoint on the server at any given time with the permission of an admin. You may only force people to walk / drive through a maximum of 2 fading doors. You may have a control room which you should be able to get to by walking through 2 or less fading doors.
- You can arrest/shoot people who resist weapon checks (don't randomly ask to weaponcheck people unless they commited a crime or inside a checkpoint ).
- The Lobby of the PD is not KOS/AOS, unless PD is under lockdown.
- You may legally print money in a bank.
- You can arrest someone on sight if they have an illegal weapon out in public (even if they spawn with it, it is their choice to have it out in public).
- Organisation rules don't apply, you aren't part of a gang, don't help anyone.

Police / Police Chief
- You may raid.
- You may only use shotguns, SMG's and pistols.

SAS / SWAT/ Police Medic
- You may raid.
- You may use every gun on the server.

Secret Service
- You may not raid or base.
- Your job is to obey and protect the mayor at the risk of your own life.
- You must leave this job if there is no mayor.

- No random lockdowns, (you must give a reason) random lockdowns will result in a permanent job ban.
- You can not raid, ask for taxes or be corrupt.
- Your job is to control the city, you may put new laws that DO NOT go against any rules.
- You may buy a house and go there with your secret service (you can't build defences).
- Lock downs may last no longer than 15 minutes! Do not spam lock down every time you have the option to!
- You may only own a handgun for self defence, you are important, its failrp to put yourself in dangerous situations.
- You may legally print money in a bank.

- You may own a house without defences.
- You can only use hand guns(pistols) for self defence
- You may not raid or base with bad guys / criminals.
- You may legally print money ONLY in the bank.

- You may not raid, print or own a house.
- You are allowed to build anything you want aslong as it's not in the river without admins permissions, hanging against a building, floating in the sky or contain any unfrozen props such as a working cannon.
- You may build a boat with the permission of an admin.
- You may ask people for money.
- You may throw bug baits at people, but don't abuse bug bait singing and throwing (don't spam it).
- You are allowed to use a single (not stacked) fading door to defend your donation box..
- You may not own a gun bigger than a pistol.

Security Guard
- You may not raid.
- You are not a part of the official police.
- You are not a criminal.
- You are here to protect other homes, legal businesses, or people for a fee.
- You may not base alone.
- You can print so long as your employer approves.

- You may not base with bad people.
- You can't discriminate against certain classes.
- Printing is legal in a bank, cops aren't allowed to raid.
- You may have 1 safe per client.
- You may store your own printers in the safes.

Gun Dealer
- You may not raid or base with other people, however you can own a shop with another gun dealer or hire a guard.
- You may only print in the bank.
- You can't discriminate agains't certain classes.
- You must own a store and a method of trading physical goods, no "PM me for guns".
- You may not self supply (switching to this job to buy yourself a gun, and then switching back).
- You must base in your store.

Black Market Dealer
- You may print and base with gangsters, drug dealers and mob boss or alone.
- You must own a store and a method of trading physical goods, no "PM me for guns".
- You can't discriminate agains't certain classes apart from Law Enforcement, they can't buy guns from you.
- Your objective is to try to sell illegal weaponry without being caught by CPs(Civil Protection), you must own a shop but it's risky as you WILL be raided by CPs for selling illegal weapons.
- You may not raid or self supply (switching to this job to buy yourself a gun, and then switching back).

- You are here to heal other players, do not charge them for money.
- You may not raid.
- You may only print in the bank.
- You may only base in the Hospital.
- You may not build any base defences in the hospital, build for cosmetic purposes only.
- You may only use pistols in self defence

Estate / Hotel Manager
- You must have an office and must advertise your offers.
- Estate manager: You can have up to 5 properties including your office (not appartments).
- Hotel manager: You may own one hotel at a time.
- New Hotel manager: You may have a single entrance fading door to defend your hotel with, anyone who is basing inside the hotel can follow the standard basing rules.
- You may set a maximum initial price of $15,000 per property. People can attempt to outbid eachother by paying more than that if they wish though
- You may only print in the bank.
- You can't base or raid.
- Hotel manager may open a hotel bar and produce alcohol.

- You may NOT raid (When stealing bases/houses only shoot if the player shoots you first!).
- You may have a home and decorate it but not build defences.
- You can mug players($2000 max).
- You can ONLY use an handgun (pistols) to mug and for self defence.
- Don't randomly punch players!
- You can attempt to get into bases and houses to steal any kind of stuff.
- You may print only from other players printers(steal them and you can keep these in your house).
- You may work for Gangsters(includes Mob Boss) and Thieves BUT you can't base with them, you can steal stuff for them.

- You may not base, print or raid (unless it's your targets base, you may get help from a thief).
- You may only use the Weapons you spawn with(default).
- There is a hit system, please use it (hits section in the rules).

- You may raid and steal, it is the part of your job.
- You may print and base, but you may not stay at your home for to long, go raid someone!
- You may only base and raid with other thieves.

Gangster / Mob Boss
- You may base, raid and print.
- You need to follow the Mob boss's orders (to an RP extent, without breaking rules).
- You may base with another gangsters and the mob boss.
Mod / Admin On Duty
- You may not base, raid, print or roleplay at all.
- Take this job whenever you feel like administrating.
- Don't build or spawn props or joke around when told to stop(If you're "On Duty" do your "Duties")
- If you get requested to go "On Duty" because there is not enough Moderators On Duty or the Staff needs help, please don't think just about yourself but think about the playerbase and community.

- Kidnapping Rules.

* You may kidnap one player per 25 minutes.
* You may not kidnap the same person within a hour.
* Maximum hostage release fee amount is $15,000!
* Only the gangsters / mob boss may kidnap.
* You may only hold a hostage for 12 minutes.[/b]
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